5 Tips to Upgrade your Preparation Strategies for the New JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern


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Are you planning to give JEE Main? If “yes”. You need to put in hard work and you have to make your study plans. We are here to help you out with some of the best tips that will assist you in cracking the challenging exam.

5 tips to upgrade your preparation strategies for the new JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern

Candidates preparing for JEE Mains have to make a smart strategy to have a fruitful outcome. The initial move for JEE Main 2020 preparation can be made with hours a student devote while studying, proper study material, and more.

We are here to introduce 5 tips to upgrade your JEE preparation strategies. These are as follows.

  • Tip 1 – The right time for the preparation For JEE Main 2020
  • Tip 2 – The exam pattern and syllabus to crack JEE Main Exam
  • Tip 3 – Section-wise strategy for JEE Main Exam Pattern
  • Tip 4 – Best books to crack the entrance test
  • Tip 5 – Importance of Mock test

Let’s move ahead and discuss the preparation tips for JEE Main 2020

1) The right time for the preparation for JEE Main 2020

According to the analysis of experts, candidates who want to be a part of the JEE Main entrance exam should start preparing for their Entrance as soon as possible. The best move by aspirants is to begin preparation with their board exams.

The candidates should take up this Entrance as a challenge, and their priority must be to crack the exam with the flying colours. The candidates must prepare all the essential topics and concepts after their pre-boards so that they can know about all the questions. Therefore, the preparation of the JEE Entrance depends upon candidates’ ability, hard work, time invested in studies, and their sound preparation plan.

JEE Main candidates, you must pull up your socks and be ready to face the exam. To overcome the hurdles in your way, you have to spend long-duration in your studies. Apart from this, you have to understand how to initiate your JEE preparation as your first step will give you a clear picture of how to begin the JEE Main preparation.

Candidates for better results, you have to devote 3 months to solve the mock test paper. As the mock paper helps to increase your speed and accuracy

2) Know the exam pattern of JEE Main 2020

The JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern is of objective type, and negative marking will be done for every wrong answer. So, participants make sure that you will opt for the right solution. You have to avoid guesswork while giving JEE Entrance.

Below is the table that will guide you about the JEE Main exam pattern

Particulars Paper IPaper-II
Mode of ExamOnline examOnline exam - Mathematics and aptitude
Offline - Drawing
Number of the sections in the question paper3 sections - Physics, Chemistry and MathematicsMathematics, Drawing, and Aptitude
Duration of the exam180 minutes (3 hours): 60 minutes for every section180 minutes (3 hours): 60 minutes for every section
Number of the question 70 Questions 77 questions
Question’s typeMCQ’sAptitude and Mathematics (MCQ’s) and Drawing and sketching abilities
Total Marks300400
Language of the paperEnglish, Hindi, and Gujarati ( for aspirants belongs from Gujarat, Daman, and Diu or Nagar Haveli)English, Hindi, and Gujarati ( for aspirants belongs from Gujarat, Daman, and Diu or Nagar Haveli)
Marking scheme of JEE Mains+4 for the right answer and -1 for the wrong answer+4 for the right answer and -1 for the wrong answer

3) JEE Main 2020 syllabus

The syllabus for JEE entrance works as a building block; once you go through the outline released by the National Testing Agency for the JEE Main 2020 exam, you will be able to prioritise as per your ability. Students are advised to prepare the concepts as per the plan.
You need not have to study beyond the curriculum. JEE syllabus is vast and covers all the essential topics.

Once you have covered all the syllabus, make sure that you will practice important topics that have more weightage in the JEE exam. It is time to grasp the opportunity by focussing on all the essential issues. So, start working on the JEE Main Exam Pattern.

Essential topics for 2020 exam

● Physics

Rotation, Electromagnetism, Magnetism, Modern physics, Current electricity, Oscillation, and sound, Newton’s laws of motion, SHM.

● Chemistry

Gaseous state, General organic chemistry, chemical kinetics, ores, and metallurgy, reactions of benzene, and qualitative analysis.

● Mathematics

Algebra, Vectors, Trigonometry, Analytical geometry, Differential calculus, and Integral calculus

4) Section-wise strategy for JEE Main Exam Pattern

You must know that there are 3 sections in the JEE Main entrance exam. That includes – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. All the segments have equal importance; you have to study every concept of every section.

We are here to give you some section-wise preparation tips for JEE Main 2020. Given below are some tips, go through to crack the exam.

JEE Main – Preparation Tips for Physics

  • Physics can become your cup of tea when you practice all the logical concepts. You need not have to give up on the physics section, do more and more practice of previous papers.
  • You have to make sure that exercise will make you perfect in attempting all the difficult questions of physics.

JEE Main- Preparation Tips for Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject that requires in-depth memorization of all concepts. Problems of chemistry can be easily solved if you study in the right manner. To answer all the difficult problems, you must make a balance between memorization skills and analytical skills.

Three units of chemistry are

  • Physical chemistry – Analytical questions
  • Organic chemistry – Analytical and memorization questions
  • Inorganic chemistry – Memorization questions

JEE Main – Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • To understand the concepts of Mathematics, you have to put in hard work. Mathematics is a scoring subject.
  • You just have to be a smart game player—strategies your preparation plan and aim for achieving good scores.

5) Best books for scoring high in JEE Main 2020

Books are crucial for learning and grasping knowledge. It guides us, helps us, and prepares us to take every challenge. Here is the list of books that will assist candidates in JEE Main 2020 preparation.

Best books for physics

  1. Mechanics part I and II – D.C Pandey
  2. Understanding Physics Electricity Magnetism – D.C Pandey
  3. Understanding Physics for JEE Advanced and Main waves and Thermodynamics – D.C Pandey

Best books for chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry, Author – Morrison & Boyd/ Soloman & Fryhle
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry – JD Lee
  3. A Guide to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry – PeerSykes
  4. Textbooks for Inorganic Chemistry for Competitor, Author – OP Tandon

Best books for Mathematics

  1. Differential Calculus for IIT – JEE – Amit Agarwal
  2. Integral calculus for IIT-JEE Calculus & Analytical Geometry – Thomas & Finney
  3. Problems in Calculus of One Variable – IA. Maron

6) Importance of Mock test

A mock test is the best way to enhance your preparation skills. Those who have applied for the JEE Main test have to focus on doing as many mock tests as you can do.
So, gear up, and if you want to score high in the JEE exam, the mock test is the best option.

Final Words

The above pointers are there to help you out in your JEE Main 2020 preparations. JEE Main requires core preparation. Once you follow the above 5 tips, you will crack this examination. We hope you have understood all the details about the JEE Main Exam Pattern. If you want to know more about the coming exams and their patterns, stay connected with our blogs.


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