7 Sure-Shot Tips to Help You Ace General Knowledge and Current Affairs


General Knowledge and Current Affairs is a very crucial part of any competitive examination. Mastering these segments is imperative if one wishes to score well in any exam. Not just for examinations, but having knowledge in these segments make you smarter as a person. GK and Current Affairs are limitless topics. Therefore, chances are that the students might feel intimidated by them and get perplexed by the vastness of the same.

7 Sure-Shot Tips to Help You Ace General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Where General Knowledge can be both static and dynamic, Current Affairs are constantly changing. Current Affairs too is a part of Dynamic GK. May it be a government exam or a private one, exams for jobs or college entrance tests; GK and Current Affairs are omnipresent. Therefore, to help the students in acing these most prevalent topics in the examination, we have curated some tips and tricks which can help the students in getting a better understanding of preparing these subjects.

Newspapers are your Best Friends

Daily reading of newspapers is considered to be the best practice to stay updated with GK and current affairs. Reading a newspaper not just updates you with the current happenings, but also increases your reading and verbal skills. You can refer to any reliable newspaper such as The Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, etc. for English and Dainik Bhaskar, Patrika, Amar Ujala, Hindustan, Navbharat Times, etc. Reading the editorial section can be very beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams. This method is more beneficial as compared to rot learning from any book. Newspapers cover the General Knowledge on international, national, state, as well as city level. You can get deep insights about India GK, Rajasthan GK and more such current affairs.

Benefit from News Channels

News channels today are an easily available resource of gathering important headlines. You can switch to any news channel and gather abundance of current affairs. However, one must be very careful about where you are devoting your time while watching a news channel. Try to avoid irrelevant debates, one-sided stories, and gossip and focus only on the relevant headlines. Avoid channels which telecast news regarding silver screen and daily soap drama. Watch shows or fillers which cover the important headlines for the day.

Prepare your own Notes

Preparing your own notes is the best thing you can do while studying for GK and current affairs. However, these subjects are very vast and have no end, therefore, if you keep on jotting down everything you read, you will end up being confused and your notes will be of no use. A better way of making notes is to write down only the important and relevant information. To make things easier, note down the Name, Place, Date and Event to make the information more precise and easier to recall.

Use Internet to grasp extra insights

The Internet is a warehouse of knowledge, provided that you use it wisely. It can be very beneficial to you if you use it to collect important headlines for the day. It can give you helpful insights of the headlines that you read in the newspaper. However, don’t overload yourself with information and do not waste hours on the internet looking for new headlines. Use your time very carefully and subscribe to some authentic and reliable websites such as gkexams.com to get the latest headlines.

Participate in Group Discussions

Group Discussions are a great way of expanding and sharing your knowledge. It helps you gain a new perspective of any story. By participating in group discussions, you stay updated about the current happenings in the world and also get to view it from a perspective of some other individual. This helps you in expanding the horizons of your knowledge and makes you more receptive for knowledge

Take help from Magazines and Yearbooks

Magazines and Year Books are a great way to study static GK. Some famous magazines and yearbooks are – Manorama Yearbook 2020 by Mammen Mathew, Arihant’s General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey, Lucent’s General Knowledge by Dr. Binay Karna and R. P. Suman, Pratiyogita Darpan Yearbook, Panorama Year Book, etc. Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic and Political Weekly, Down to Earth, Don’t Forget to Revise, etc. are some famous magazines for the preparation of current affairs and GK.

Mock Tests

GK Mock Tests are a great way to prepare for this section as it allows you to test your knowledge as well as know which sections do you lack in. It helps you in gaining additional knowledge about topics that you have read about earlier. These GK QUestion Answers help you in making your basics strong.


GK and Current Affairs are a crucial part of any competitive exam. Having an expertise in these subjects will help you attain a good score in your test. The syllabus of these subjects is ever-evolving, which can get overwhelming for the students. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, the students can get a good grasp of the subjects. Current Affairs and GK are the subjects where a student can attain 100% score without any miss if they know the correct answers for all the questions. There is no discrepancy in general knowledge and the answer is the same irrespective of the exam it is asked in. Take advantage from the above-mentioned tips and ace the GK of your competitive exam.


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