Asaf Izhak Rubin Discusses When Tenants Should Use Legal Help


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When talking about real estate matters, it seems that a lot of people completely ignore and overlook tenants. Tenants are not living in their homes, but they definitely have many laws and regulations that protect them from various incidents, unfair situations, and problems. AsafIzhak Rubin says that a tenant is not living in some disconnected world. Everything that a landlord does affects the occupants of the rented house directly or indirectly.

Asaf Izhak Rubin Discusses When Tenants Should Use Legal Help

However, if the owner of the house has not lived as a renter before, they might do things that could hurt the tenants. If you are someone living in a rented house, you should know the many instances in which a real estate lawyer could help you. Let’s take a look at a few of those situations.

Before You Move In

Before you enter the house and occupy it, you have to be sure of all the clauses that are mentioned on the rent agreement. Keep in mind that if you sign the document and occupy the house, you will not be able to contest a lot of things in the agreement. So, you have to be sure that you raise any questions that you might have in your mind at the right time. Asaf Izhak Rubin real estate lawyer states that the advance payment you make, the condition of the house, and the exit from the agreement are the most important things that need to be discussed before you move into your new house.

You want to make sure that the landlord is not getting the right to kick you out of the house without any notice. You also want to know who will take care of the regular maintenance of the property. In addition to that, you should be clear on the terms that revolve around the increment in your rent every year.

When the Landlord Interferes

In some cases, the landlord of the house can be a bit nosy. They just take interest in every matter that is taking place in your house and family. They would come to you and point out even if you hammer one nail in the wall. They might criticize you on the way you park your car or when you turn off the lights of the porch. All of these things and any other matters that you think are your private matters, but your landlord is interfering, you should report them to a real estate lawyer. Every now and then you will read real estate news about a landlord and tenant fighting with each other.

This usually happens when they don’t have the rules clearly defined. Once everything is on the paper, the landlord cannot make you do something that you should not be doing. can you invite certain people or should you be able to turn on the air-conditioner are matters that only you should be taking care of, not your landlord.

When You Are Being Kicked Out

The most unfortunate situation is when you are being asked to vacate the house without proper notice. The landlord might say that they have a family member planning to come and live in the house. If that happens, they have to provide you with ample time to move out and find a house to live. If they give you a short notice and try to imply that they will push you out of the house without waiting, you should get in touch with a real estate lawyer as soon as possible. AsafIzhak Rubin says that you have more rights as a tenant than you think when it comes to vacating the house.

Final Thoughts

Just because the house you are living in is not your personal property does not mean the landlord can have their way. You have paid to live in the space that you have rented and the landlord is required to respect your privacy and other rights. If you think they are infringing upon any of your rights as a tenant, you should get in touch with a real estate lawyer as soon as possible.


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