Can You Recover Files Deleted A Long Time Ago?


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Data recovery is a major concern of the modern era. Today, almost everything is stored in digital storage. Despite being one of the best storage solutions, they have flaws that make them vulnerable to many things.

The data that has been deleted just recently are relatively easier to restore or recover. The main problem comes with data that have been lost or deleted a long time ago. How to achieve data recovery for this kind of files? This post might shed a light on the issue.

Can You Recover Files Deleted A Long Time Ago

How to Recover Files Deleted A Long Time Ago?

When a file/folder is deleted or lost, people tend to become distressed. They want to know the magic trick that can help them recover their data lost a long time ago. Well, the possibility is not zero. Three are a few ways that you can try to recover data.

1. Recover Data from Backups

Today, data have become the core part of every business. In fact, data is the only true source of information for the organization to make business decisions. Hence, businesses keep data backups in worst-case scenarios.

Hence, if there are any data losses, the first thing you can do is look for the data from the data backups. It is the most efficient way to keep all your data safe insecure from any uncertain crisis.

2. Recover Data from Trash Bin

Whatever data we delete from the system, it is not permanently deleted. It is stored in the trash bin. Trash bins keep the deleted data for 30 days. Once the 30 days tenure is over, the trash bin automatically deletes all the data.

Hence, if you do not clean your trash bin regularly, you will find your deleted data. However, you can go as far as 30 days to recover your deleted data.

3. Recover Data from Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is also a form of data backup, but this stands more personal to the users. Cloud storage is the modern solution of storing all the data online and can be accessed from any device. If you have synchronized accounts that offer cloud storage facilities, you can look at cloud storage.

Sometimes, synchronized cloud storage backup data automatically. Hence, you can recover the data from cloud storage in case of accidental deletion or data loss.

4. Recover Data Using Data Recovery Software

If all the above three methods do not help you recover your lost data, you have one more option. Data recovery software is getting popular as time passes by. With the increase of digital data, people are becoming more aware of data recovery services.

If you find no other option left to recover data, you can go for data recovery software. The market is filled with several data recovery software, and you might confuse yourself to choose one. With that being said, why don’t you take our recommendation of using iBoysoftdata recovery software? It is certainly one of the best in the market.

When Is Data Recovery Not possible?

Data recovery software works on the principle of scanning the storage blocks and finding all the allocated and unallocated in the system storage. However, when the storage has been used multiple times, the lost data is rewritten, making it impossible to recover the lost data.

There, we strongly recommend not to use the block of hard drive or any external storage devices that have been corrupted or damaged in any way. Using it will make the situation worse and impossible to get back your lost data.


The very first thing you can do is to check your system trash bin to see whether the deleted files are there or not. The trash bin keeps all the deleted files for 30 days. So, if you have not deleted the trash bin and are looking for the deleted files from a week ago, you can easily get them in the trash bin.

However, if you tend to delete the trash bin, then the only possible thing you have is to take hello from data recovery software.


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