Challenges Of Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy


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The digital world gets driven by data we provide through surveys or feedbacks than our spoken words. The review that you might have shared on a specific page on Facebook is also a part of data. Whenever we leave a shop’s counter or any restaurant, we often face one of their representatives asking for our feedback and contact number. The details we provide helps them in their marketing campaigns in the form of emails and text messages. We all are addicted to Facebook in one way or another. The advertisement we see on our newsfeed comes from our choices of pages that we might have visited or surfed. Business owners and companies are now putting more effort into digital marketing, as many of us are buying things online.

Challenges Of Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

Making the right decisions to spend budget on marketing is a tricky question for businesses. People these days consider reviews more trustworthy than a salesperson standing at their door. Every business is competing to gain more customers to generate revenue. For this purpose, they plan marketing strategies that can convince more people to take an interest in their websites or services.

Social media is one of the leading digital marketing platforms. The content on a page and the product’s description has an impact on readers, which may lead them to buy a product. Many websites are using video transcription methods, which are converting the recorded video into written content. Businesses and companies adopt different digital marketing strategies, and you can learn more about these strategies through various blogs and websites.

Many business owners or marketing managers intend to design a marketing strategy that can increase their revenue. Digital marketing often comes with challenges that might hinder your progress. Here are a few challenges listed to assist you.

1. Adblockers

Whenever you visit a website, a message might pop on your screen, asking you to turn off your adblocker. Marketing in the digital realm is all about letting people know about your services and grabbing their interest. Adblockers are not new, but they still can be a hindrance to your digital marketing campaign. Businesses and companies put their promotional advertisements and snippets on the website to get attention, generate traffic, and get new customers while readers are surfing sites. Adblockers on some websites block the promotional stuff, which can be a drawback for you as you will not cover the desired audience as you have planned. To overcome thins hindrance, you can work with your internal tech team or your content publisher to overcome the adblockers by using software and taking other necessary measures.

2. SEO ranking and paid ads

Digital marketing means that you have to pave your way up to the top pages of the search engine. If you have your website, you are updating it regularly, and yet it is unable to appear in the top suggestions or first page of Google, this means the ranking is low. Content marketing is an essential factor, along with many others. A website without any content or graphics is nothing but a blank paper, which will not provide any information and will not generate enough traffic. You are not alone convincing customers to buy your product or get attention. There are a lot of people wanting the same thing that is customers. New businesses often face the challenge of paid promotions as they have a limited budget, and their interest is more centered in setting up their venture.

3. Return on investment (ROI)

When we invest in something, we always expect a return. Return on investment is another challenge faced by many marketers over the years. Return on investment tells you about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and content output. Return on investment tells you the stat of your marketing campaigns and activities. Often it is not possible to track every return on investment if you have multiple campaigns running. By creating a link between your return on investment stats and sales reports, you can tackle this challenge.

4. Budget

You cannot run a marketing campaign if you do not have a secured budget that will help you move further. Even if you have an excellent revenue-generating idea, you need to get the budget approval for the campaign. Many companies face issues as they often fail to track their return on investments in marketing activities. Companies cannot gather the budget for further strategies without providing previous records of marketing campaigns.

5. Technology

You must be thinking you are already using technology to run your campaign, and it can be a challenge. Every day there is a new advancement in technologies, and many software updates are released. Identifying the right technology medium is essential for a better marketing strategy. According to studies, in 2019, the companies reported spending 5% of more budget to cope up with emerging technologies. To cope up with the slow response, marketers ping their colleagues or friends to know about the latest technologies or what is best suited to their needs.

6. Audience targeting content

A person in his thirties living in any country might not prefer to buy the same car as a person of the same age living in the United States of America. If you are marketing through your content, the most reported challenge is that it does not attract more international or foreign currency payments. The content you have generated might interest your local readers to make purchases. Still, a material that revolves around a specific culture or region will not interest people outside of that vicinity.


A business without marketing and creating its outreach to people cannot survive. Marketing is inevitable for the success of any company. Digital marketing is preferred most as compared to traditional marketing approaches because we are more technologically civilized and quiet away from electronic or print media. You can build your business reputation by meeting the demands and needs of your customers. Without effective communication, branding, public relations, and reliable business, 50% of companies fail, besides having a financial budget. The reason for failure is poor marketing strategies and backdated software. Challenges, if not solved in the first instance, may lead to a long chain of hurdles.


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