Food and the Holiday Season: How to Prepare


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Once September arrives, the holidays are fast on its heels. Food is integral to the holiday season, and many people spend months dreaming of turkey and Brussels sprouts. As such, if you are already thinking ahead to the oncoming holidays, here are some top tips that you should follow to prepare for the grandest season of the year.

Food and the Holiday Season: How to Prepare

• Invest in Recipes

There is no point in worrying about the ingredients that you need for the holidays if you have no idea what recipes you are going to prepare. As such, instead of panicking about food just yet, you should look around for recipes that grab your attention. Although you might have traditional family recipes that you often stick to every year, it can often be exciting to mix tradition with new flavors and dishes that can spark your family’s interest in the season again. Then, you should look around for dedicated recipe books for the holiday season.

• Buy Cookie Stencils

It is also likely that you will want to theme some of the food that you produce so that it feels extra merry. As such, instead of simply making bland desserts that you could make at any time of the year, you should consider making them seasonal by investing in cookie stencils Thanksgiving, as these could help you to create sweet treats with patterns of turkeys, fall leaves, and pumpkins on them. This will then encourage your family to try your bakes and put a smile on their faces, as well as ensure that your desserts match your fall and winter décor.

• Look at Spices

One element of your bakes that can make them seasonal is the spice that you add to them. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are incredibly common in holiday dishes and can help to warm your family’s bellies and ensure that they can get into the holiday mood. However, it is important to stock up on these spices in advance so that you have enough of the spices when you need them, and so that you can beat the crowds that often wipe them from the grocery store’s shelves nearer the time.

• Make Fruit Cake

Many people choose to gift their relatives fruit cakes at Christmas and other holidays, and if you are planning to make this fruit cake at home, you will need to start early. Although you might not feel as if you are in the mood to make a fruit cake this early in the season, baking the cake two to three months before the big day can allow your fruit cake to settle and mature and can ensure that your cake tastes as delicious as it should on Christmas day. As such, you should consider looking around for a great fruit cake recipe that all of your family will not be able to get enough of.

The holidays are a baker’s biggest season of the year. Then, it is important to start preparing now, and, by following some of the steps in this guide, you will soon be ready to create wonderful feasts for your family during the upcoming holiday season.


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