Hit By an Uninsured Driver? What to Do Next


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If you have recently been in a traffic collision with an uninsured motorist, it can leave you with a few queries.

Hit By an Uninsured Driver

One of the key ones that many people have is whether will they still receive compensation even though the person who has injured them does not have insurance. Plus, of course, what exactly is the procedure for dealing with an accident with an uninsured driver or another road user?

However, fret not. This article provides a very simple guide on what to do after you’ve had an accident with an uninsured motorist in the United States.

Discuss Liability: Don’t Accept Any

If you accept partial liability for any accident, you may find yourself on the line for paying for a percentage of the damages caused to your car and the other person’s. This will mean that your insurance will have to pay for the other driver’s injuries and repairs to their vehicle. Avoid making any statements after the accident that could be an admission of liability. When the police arrive, offer honest answers to any questions but don’t go into too much detail, and be sure to contact a personal injury firm, like Horst Shewmaker Lawyers, as soon as you can.

File Report withthe Police

Somebody who is uninsured may attempt to pull the pity card on you and may not want you to report the incident to the police. Failing to report any accident could prevent you from getting compensation, either from your own insurance company or any other people who may have been involved in the accident. Plus, by not filing a report, it can be harder to prove who was responsible for the accident, so you may be putting yourself at risk of legal penalties too.

Pursue Medical Evaluation

Provided that you did not suffer any life-threatening injuries at the scene, any motor accident victim needs to go to the hospital or pursue a medical evaluation as soon as possible. This is because of adrenaline, which will spike after you have been in a collision and can hide injuries. Go to a hospital for urgent care and, if you need treatment immediately following the collision, the police will come to the hospital to seek information from you so don’t worry, but still contact them at your earliest convenience.

Contact Your Insurance

It is always tempting when there has been an accident with your vehicle to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. However, be aware that many insurance companies are not overly eager on paying for compensation following an accident, so it is best to hire a personal injury lawyer to do this for you. They will understand every stage of the process and will be able to pursue the best legal action on your behalf.

Work with Your Legal Team

Be sure to work closely with your legal team in the weeks and months following the accident until you receive compensation. They will provide you with all the information that you need, will review your insurance policies, and will understand the compensation process. As mentioned, they will also negotiate with your insurance company if needed, they will support you through the claim and will even put a claim for damages together on your behalf. So, they are well worth investing in.


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