5 Benefits of using Mattresses for Healthy Sleep


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After a long and tiring day, a good night’s sleep is what a person needs. According to research, having a sound sleep can optimize the regenerating power of our body. A mattress can affect your sleep quality and health in more than one way. Poor quality of sleep can not only decline the productivity of an individual but also weaken the body. Investing in a good mattress in a box is an investment in your health and body.

5 Benefits of using Mattresses for Healthy Sleep

Many people do not realize the importance of having a good mattress for sound and healthy sleep. Some might even settle for any slumber surface. Having a comfortable mattress is crucial for an individual’s well-being. Some people are also known to add a mattress topper to enhance the comfort level.

In this article, we have explained the importance of a mattress and have also listed 5 surprising benefits of using a good mattress for healthy sleep.

Importance of Mattress

A mattress can be understood as a huge cushioned pad that is placed on the top of a bed to provide comfort to the user. Mattresses provide added support to the neck and back while you sleep. To enhance the level of comfort, a mattress can be made of latex, gel, memory foam, etc. Many companies also provide a combination of beds and mattresses.

Some may think that choosing a mattress is an inconsequential task, however taking out time to search for the best options can have your body showing gratitude. Having a good mattress enhances your quality of life. People who use mattresses need less sleep, wake up relaxed and rested, and get a better start when they wake up. It can even uplift your mood and provide several health benefits as listed below.

5 Benefits of Using Mattresses

A mattress has several health benefits for individuals. Not only does it enhance the quality of sleep, but also has many health benefits. Keep on reading to find out the top 5 benefits of using a mattress.

1. A good Mattress Removes Anxiety and Stress

The correct mattress helps in improving the quality of sleep and surround you with positive energy. Using an uncomfortable or old mattress can build up stress on your body. It can elevate tension and anxiety which, in the long run, can even lead to depression or similar other psychological problems.

One can avoid such problems easily by going for a mattress that suits your sleep needs. A comfortable mattress would give you restful sleep and would decrease stress. It even uplifts your mood, promoting peace of mind.

2. The correct Mattress Relieves Pain and Aches

If you lie down on a mattress in a specific position for a long period, upwards resistance of a mattress and the unbalanced downward gravity can misalign the body and lead to the formation of pressure points. This can make you sore and lead to pain in joints. With age and extended use, one might even develop neck pain and lower back pain.

A good-quality mattress gives the required support to the body and ensures that you sleep with a healthy posture. Mattresses even support the spinal curvature in different slumber positions. Proper cradling also distributes the weight evenly, removing unwanted stress on your body parts. A good mattress can also minimize or relieve you from chronic pain.

3. A Worn-Out or Old Mattress can increase Allergy Risk

Using an old mattress can be one of the main reasons for developing allergies. Old or worn-out mattresses might contain dust mites that can eat your dead skin cells or body oil. These dust mites may even cause asthma or skin allergies such as pimples, dry skin and so on.

Allergies are a threat for individuals who have sensitive skin or asthma. Kids, old people or anyone who has a weak immunological system is at higher risk of developing allergies. It is advisable to always use an eco-friendly and germ-resistant mattress at your home.

4. A Creaking Bed can cause Chronic Back Pain

In some cases, you might observe some creaking noise coming from your bed when you sit or lie down on your bed. This noise is generally caused due to the worn-out springs of a mattress. This is a sign of poor support of the mattress and can lead to chronic aches and pains. If the coils of the mattress are not able to support the weight, they can distort the natural spinal alignment of the body. This can lead to a lot of stress around the neck and back area, resulting in chronic pain.

Chronic pain can develop and persist if you keep using the same old mattress. Expert Townsville physiotherapists NQ Physio state that if this is the case, seek medical attention from your local doctor or physio and think about replacing your mattress. The people that have chronic back pain generally have a history of fatigue and disturbed sleep. Additionally, the creaking noise can also disturb your sleep whenever you move, causing discomfort and sleep problems. This whole cycle can affect sleep quality and ultimately your health.

5. A good Mattress Improves the Quality of Life

A good mattress not only improves the quality of sleep but also improves the life quality of an individual. Sound sleep can work wonders for the human body. It improves your performance, memory as well as productivity, elevating the quality of life. For many individuals, using a bad mattress can lead to snoring, which can also disturb your partner and lead to several health problems for your body. Buying a good and supportive mattress can prevent or reduce snoring altogether.

Deprivation of good-quality sleep can affect every facet of life. It affects the circadian rhythm and weakens the metabolism of the body, which might lead to obesity and weight gain. Investing in a good mattress ensures that you sleep properly and decrease the chances of binge eating and ultimately weight gain.


An old and uncomfortable mattress can be the biggest obstacle to a night of quality sleep. Moreover, it can also have a profound effect on an individual’s health. To ensure that you do not lose on the health benefits of a good night’s sleep, invest in a high-quality mattress today!


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