How to Choose Between IELTS Academic or General Training?


Choosing the type of IELTS exam meant for you is much easier than what most people perceive. It depends on whether you want to migrate, study at a secondary, postgraduate, or undergraduate level, or want to join a company abroad.

How to Choose Between IELTS Academic or General Training

Primarily, you should select IELTS General if you are applying for a training program or secondary education. The second option for choosing this exam would be to apply for a migration visa. Meanwhile, you should go for IELTS Academic if you are seeking postgraduate, or undergraduate level education from a university or college. The second reason for selecting this exam would be to join a company abroad as a registered professional. Let us discuss these reasons a bit in detail.

IELTS Academic tests your knowledge of English at a scholastic-level. The questions involved in the reading, writing, listening, and speaking tests of the exam are upto the same level too. During the ‘Speaking’ section, you might be asked to formulate and talk on a scholarly-level topic to understand the level of your understanding and suitability in an English speaking university or college. Meanwhile, the ‘Speaking’ test of an IELTS General is much easier, and you could get an easy topic to know whether you have adequate knowledge of English to study at a secondary-level or even migrate.

The ‘Reading’ section of an IELTS Academic exam involves numerous analytical, descriptive, and factual reading material. The module consists of illustrations, diagrams, or graphs. Meanwhile, the ‘Reading’ section of the IELTS General includes topics related to work and general interest. Therefore the latter is much easier than the former. Preparation of Academic IELTS requires reading educational journals, books, newspapers, etc., whereas training for General IELTS includes knowing general world scenario, topics, manuals, company handbooks, publications, etc.

The ‘Writing’ section of both IELTS Academic and General exams involves two tasks with a total period of 60 minutes. Task 1 of an IELTS Academic writing 150 words based on a diagram, graph, or chart, and Task 2 involves writing a 250 words essay. Meanwhile, Task 1 of a General IELTS exam mostly includes letter writing, and Task 2 requires essay writing. The ‘Listening’ and ‘Speaking’ sections of both exams follow the format. The ‘Listening’ section comprises four excerpts and a 30-minute time duration.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Speaking’ module of an IELTS Academic exam requires preparing for scholarly topics. Similarly, the ‘Listening’ module of the same exam needs an examinee to be ready for scholarly issues. They need to listen to comprehend their understanding based on the excerpts. Therefore, to become familiar with the industry problems they need to listen to the news on the radio, watch the news on TV, read about the most trending industry topics, etc. Meanwhile, examinees preparing for the General IETLS exam could make the same efforts but to develop an understanding of common issues related to their study background or the course they are going to pursue. It could also come handy during the ‘Speaking’ section. If you want to get a high band score in IELTS exam, prefer taking IELTS online coaching.


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