How to Design Cosmetic Packaging that Sells, Step by Step


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It is your responsibility to make the packaging of your cosmetic product that turns customers’ heads. After all, there is a lot of competition in the beauty world, and these products should be shown in style to catch customers’ eyes.

Plus, customers plan to buy one product, but they end up with four or five products. Many customers consider the effort of a brand that they put into making the packaging look excellent; in other words, the packaging is a tool that can change onlookers’ buying decisions.

This reading will help you know the steps/elements that your packaging should have, but before that, you need to clarify yourself in the following areas:

Your Ideal Customer

It is the first and essential step before working on the actual packaging. Defining the ideal customer helps you to make the packaging according to their taste, what they are looking for in relevant cosmetic brands, and what elements can attract them.

Once you identify these points, you will be able to capture your target audience’s attention quickly, whether they are teenage girls, women, or men.

Define Your Brand’s Personality

Understanding the concept of defining brand personality is quite different than usual. Few brands consider that brand personality is a team vibe or its look. In actuality, it is the opposite of this. It is all about the feeling that the customer perceives about the product or brand.

You need to change these feelings to become a successful brand in the market.

Selling Medium

You also need to consider the medium of selling your cosmetic products. Are you placing your products in a retail store or displaying them on your website? It depends on you, but the packaging design should align with the medium to get a better response from the customer side.

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Create A Mood Board For Your Brand

Before working on the packaging, you must decide what images, colors, and mediums you will use to advertise. Or you utilize only the packaging to promote your brand. You can add whatever you feel will inspire your customers, and you will get better sales by adding those factors to your design process.

Packaging Guide, Step By Step

We have summed up a few points that your packaging must have to make your product stand out on the retailer shelves. Follow these and enjoy the monopoly in the cosmetic world.

● Keep Design Simple

In today’s world, people are focusing on products that have clean and simple packaging as it gives them clarity about the inside product and what the product is about.

In addition, the product-related images with clear fonts help the customer to make their purchase decision by reading all the product-related information and knowing the product type.

● Make It Eye-Catching

Whenever we talk about any cosmetic product, the first thing that comes to mind is the astonishing packaging. Bright colors and bold designs leave a memorable impression on the onlooker’s mind. But make sure that you do not go overboard.

Making packaging eye-catching is to grab the customer’s attention, but using bold colors sometimes makes it overly busy and challenging to read or visualize.

● Use High-Quality Images

The same goes for the images that are supposed to be printed on packaging as fonts. They should be high in quality: clear, sharp, and free of imperfections to appeal to the onlookers.

Furthermore, be conscious about uploading any image on the packaging because it should align with the original product to avoid confusion. The purpose of printing pictures on containers is to give the idea of the product to the audience without disturbing the arrangement.

● Brand Consistency

Brand consistency helps your customers get back to your brand quickly. When customer sees the same color, font, and images on all the advertising mediums, they quickly recognize your brand among thousands of other presents in the retail aisles.

So, be consistent for better results and consumer reach. It will go in your favor without any doubt.

● Eco-Friendly And Attractive Material

The packaging material that you are going to use to give shape must be attractive, durable, and eco-friendly. If the material provides your packaging with the desired look, you do not need extra customization to make your product appealing on the store shelves.

It also removes the worry of damage that could happen while displaying or shipping because the material is strong enough to protect the product. The high-quality material stays the printing for a long time. Plus, the eco-friendly behavior attracts customers that go in favor of the brand.

● Good Functionality

Customers like to have products packed in packaging with good functionality in closing and opening. They feel it is convenient to store their product in such packaging. Sharp edges or inconvenient folds disturb them, and they avoid having products packed in such packaging.

● Include Important Information

Cosmetics are items that have a direct connection with skin. That is why people are conscious while having any product. Packaging that has printed all the vital information converts their perception.

Brand and product name, Net weight expiry date, or contact information such as Instagram or Facebook handling are the essential information consumers want to know before purchasing any product.

● Choose Professionals

It is good to work with professionals because they have more experience than a random person. They will guide you to make the packaging that matches the best with the product. Furthermore, they are good at analyzing the functionality and durability of any packaging material or style.

Get in contact with one that helps you to achieve your targets without disturbing your budget.

In Conclusion

Designing cosmetic packaging itself is a crucial task and requires a lot of energy and time to achieve perfection. The packaging that involves an understanding of the target audience and a well-defined brand identity and selling medium makes the process easy to achieve.

Furthermore, all the practical steps for better sales are also described, including design guidance regarding the material and style that will best suit the product or brand personality. Some other essential elements that cannot be ignored are also highlighted.

One thing that you need to remember while making any decision about your cosmetic packaging boxes is that you must get help from a professional for better visualization or appeal. This is important in terms of saving yourself from negative results and energy that will be consumed on design selection.


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