Is Digital Marketing Crucial for a Successful Business?


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Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is the element of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. It is also referred to as the method to advertise and promote a business that is delivered through digital medium/channels. With the help of these channels, companies endorse the products, services, or brand marketing digitally. Nowadays people prefer shopping/ purchasing through the Digital world than visiting physical shops. Digital marketing can be done even in an offline way, that is non-internet channel that involves sending SMS, MMS, television, etc.

Is Digital marketing crucial for a successful business

Digital marketing key statistics (Digital Around the world):

  • Around 7.83 billion population 5.22 billion i.e. 66.6% of people are using smartphones.
  • 4.66 billion People using computers or other search mediums to search. (internet users)
  • 4.20 billion people are active social media users i.e. 53.6% of the total population.
  • More than 90% of all online communications start with a search engine.
  • 98% of sales representatives are reaching their quotas through social selling.
  • Over half of all online purchases are currently completed using mobile devices.
  • More than 60% of online transactions were performed on a mobile device.
  • 51% of consumers make use of mobile devices to identify new brands and items on the market.
  • 51% of consumers claimed that they are using their mobile gadgets to find new brands and products.

Elements of Digital marketing:

  • Organic marketing
  • Paid marketing
  • Reporting
  • Mobile marketing

Digital Marketing Channels:

There are many marketing channels or businesses to pick from, especially for online marketing. However, from experience as being a top digital marketing company in San Diego, I would suggest doing some research before diving in full bore. The reason for this is not all digital marketing channels are going to be a great fit for your business type. You don’t want to waste time and money marketing on a platform that will not provide good results. With that being said, listed below are some of the more popular digital marketing channels.

E-mail Marketing:

Email marketing strategies will help you reach and effectively connect with your target audience. It is one of the easier ways to reach your audience and it is highly adaptable. Hence it is considered as the most important promoting way of your business.

Email marketing strategies:

  • Full metrics reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Website integration
  • List segmentation &Targeted Emails
  • Contact list management
  • Professionally designed landing page
  • Professional designed Emails
  • Campaign objectives

Pay- per click advertising:

  • On average more than 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search result page.
  • For high commercial intent searches paid as getting 65% of clicks.
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.
  • Search ads can increase complete brand awareness by 80%.

PPC strategies:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation
  • Landing page development
  • Account setup
  • Tracking installation & testing
  • Campaign launch
  • Monitor performance
  • Campaign assessment
  • Analysis and feedback

Search engine optimization:

  • More than 60% of organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results.
  • SEO leads have 14.6% close rate outbound leads.
  • 65% of internet users do search for products and start shopping using a search engine.

SEO strategies:

  • Search engine submission
  • Linking analysis and strategies
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Information architecture
  • Content performance

Social media marketing:

Social media is the most cost-effective online marketing. You can easily build your audience list that is interested in your product and service. This can be done through creative engagement techniques.

SMM strategies:

  • Set goal
  • Determine audience
  • Choose platform
  • Create content
  • Implement
  • Track and measure progress
  • Adjust

Content marketing:

Content marketing deals with an increase in brand awareness, search engine rankings, and generating audience interest. For higher ranking in SERPs, you need high-quality organic content. To achieve your content marketing goals, SEO is usually the simplest plan of action to start out with.

“Content and SEO are inseparable. You can not do content without SEO, and you can not do SEO without content”

Content Strategies:

  • In-depth research
  • A strong headline
  • An effective call to action(CTA)
  • Multiple content formats
  • Visual content
  • Guest blogging
  • Tracking key performance indicator
  • Content promotion

Display advertising:

Display advertising is one of the most popular types of online marketing. A visual-based means of promoting your brand, show advertising refers to ads on websites, apps, and social media platforms. It is a form of paid advertising. Display ads can be various forms, including Banners, Images, Buttons, Videos, Rich media, etc,


  • Set campaign goals
  • Reach out to your audience
  • Choose the right tools for campaign execution.
  • Create compelling banner ads.
  • Optimize your landing page.

Reasons why it plays a crucial role:

  1. Every business gets equal opportunity; so that even a small business can leverage their business through marketing channels digitally.
  2. It is budget-friendly. It doesn’t require a huge investment. Even with the small investment, a small business can compete with its competitors. Hence it becomes a cost-effective form of marketing.
  3. By tracking and monitoring, it is easy to enhance the conversions with the traffic that occurred on your site. When compared to other forms of marketing, digital marketing has a higher rate of conversions.
  4. With proper digital marketing techniques, you can increase your revenue. Companies that use digital channels generate more than 75% business when compared to the companies that do not use digital marketing.
  5. The main reason why digital marketing is successful over other marketing techniques is that it helps to target the right audience. So that it is considered as the highest personalized form of marketing.
  6. People are now more engaged with their mobile phones. So, it is easy to publicize or expose your brand with mobile responsive apps. Such things could help in mobile marketing for more reach of audience.
  7. A great Increase in brand reputation provides trust in your brand. It can be achieved in a short period with digital marketing. One of the main objectives of every business people is to attract more customers and get maximum reach of audience.
  8. Marketing through digital channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc, has the power to influence the audience. One good thing about influential marketing is that even an ordinary people/ general audience can become influencers and make interest for millions of people.
  9. It helps Influences buyers: The influences create the reason for why people are attracted to follow the current trends. If some range of people is using a specific product, the other people who see that will have some desire in their mind about the product. That makes them search or purchase it through anyway.
  10. With specific digital marketing tools and techniques, you can easily track, monitor, analyze and measure the results. These platforms will help you to evaluate the results and make better decisions that grow your business.


  • Digital marketing is the best way to develop your business to the next level. And it highly helps in gaining awareness, brand identity, and audience support, etc.
  • Using these marketing strategies, you can reach a maximum or enormous amount of audience in a cost-effective manner.
  • Finally, it is considered to be the fastest and reliable way of marketing to enhance your business.


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