Score 90% Marks in Class 11 Physics


There is a very popular notion that Class 11th Physics is very tough and one cannot score more than 70% marks in Class 11th Physics, but, on the contrary, you can score 90% marks in your Physics examination. Yes, it is possible if you give the subject enough time and concentration. No subject is tough enough to make you vulnerable to not scoring well. One who is preparing for competitive examinations cannot ignore Class 11th Physics at all. The course of Class 11th includes topics like work energy and power, thermal properties of matter, rotational motion, laws of motion, waves, gravitation, and kinetic energy. These are the topics that need more concentration as they are important, not just from an exam point of view, but from a competitive exam’s perspective as well. Students need to keep in mind that focusing only on Class 12th Physics will not help them in competitive exams. They must concentrate on Class 11th Physics equally.

Score 90% Marks in Class 11 Physics

The exam pattern of Class 11th Physics includes short answer questions, very short answer questions, value based questions, and long answer questions. They are divided according to their marks’ weightage. Though each chapter needs to be studied thoroughly many times, some chapters demand additional practice. Hence, it is always good to invest extra time in those chapters as they are important for the competitive exams.

Physics is a subject that needs hard work as well as analytical skills, as it is not a theory subject. You will have to solve several numerical problems to score good marks in examinations. You cannot escape from the numerical part as it is very crucial. Class 11th Physics is majorly based on numerical problems so you have to focus on that even if you are not good at math.

Here are some tips to score more than 90% marks in Class 11 Physics –

  1. Refer to Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: NCERT solutions are always helpful as it is time-saving while preparing for the examinations, be it school or competitive exams. If you will refer to the solutions, you will be able to solve all the questions correctly. Even if you don’t want to see the solution first, you can use it to cross check your method of attempting that question. These solutions can save your time because, if you get confused while finding an answer, there will be a solved answer in front of you and you will then be able to give proper time to each concept.
  2. Study according to a time table: It is necessary to study according to a timetable as studying without any aim will not lead you anywhere. The syllabus is wide and without a timetable, it will be difficult to complete the whole syllabus. If you divide time and chapters according to their marks weightage, you will be able to complete your syllabus on time, get time to revise and solve numerical problems. Solving numerical problems is the best way to score good marks in 11th Physics examination. Students should set aside extra time for solving question papers regularly, after the completion of the course.
  3. Solve previous year question papers: You can ask for previous year’s question papers of 11th Physics from your seniors or find them online if you are preparing for competitive exams. Solving previous year’s question papers will give you an idea about what questions are asked and how much time you take to complete one question. The numerical part needs to be solved as many times as possible. It is observed that questions from previous years are often repeated in examinations so if you have solved those papers earlier, it will be easier for you to complete your exam in time.
  4. Revision is the key: Physics is not a subject, which you can remember after you read it once. You will not be able to remember what you have read, only once when you will be sitting in the actual examination. You must practice more, from the beginning so that when you reach the revision stage, you do not find any concept new or confusing. While revising, you must remember all the formulas, laws and derivations. They should be on the tip of your tongue so that if any derivation is asked in your exam you can write it quickly.

Class 11th Physics is as important as Class 12th Physics. You cannot imagine attempting a competitive examination after leaving any one of them. Both have equal distribution in NEET and JEE. Both exams are for getting admission to prestigious universities. Keep your preparation up to date and give time to every topic. Solve previous year question papers to check your speed and accuracy and most importantly, have a solved answer key to your question near you, as it will help you the most in acing your competitive examinations. If you are serious about your studies and give proper time to Physics, nobody can stop you from scoring 90% marks. One who practices it enough will never say it is a tough subject and students should concentrate on Physics more as it is a really interesting subject in which you can score full marks if you attempt numerical problems. You may not get full marks in theoretical examinations but you will get a full score if you attempt a question based on numerical problems as nobody can cut your marks if your steps and answer is correct. So, open your books and start solving questions which you were fearing. In the beginning, you may have several doubts but in the end, these doubts will become your biggest enemy and you will fear them all your life thinking you will not be able to solve them in your life.


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