Six Natural Sugar-free Drinks for a Healthier Diet


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Saying “No” to sugar is not an easy task. But at some points in life, people are compelled to avoid sugar for various reasons. It is often difficult to identify which product has sugar content and which does not. People who are new to a sugar-free diet always forget to keep track of sugar intake in liquid form. While having hot and cool drinks, people are least concerned about the sugar content in it. This is where sugar-free drinks gain importance. They are the best option to avoid sugar in one’s diet. Various alternatives can be suggested to replace sugar. Sugar-free drinks help everyone to get rid of the use of sugar completely. Let’s have a look at some of the natural sugar-free drinks.

Six Natural Sugar-free Drinks for a Healthier Diet


Tea is one of the most consumed beverages. There are various ways of making tea which is available in different flavours also. Above all, it is a naturally sugar-free beverage. Whether diabetic or on a diet, it is always good to drink tea without sugar. Find a brand that satisfies one’s flavour preferences.


Coffee is one of the popular beverages with plenty of varieties. Sugar can be avoided entirely for coffee or cut sugar from coffee; there are a few tips to try. Adding cinnamon to coffee will be a great alternative to control sugar intake. Also, one can switch the brands and find the best one with flavours he/she can enjoy the most.


Another most suggested sugar-free drink is water mixed with lemon juice or lime. Lemon water is a very refreshing drink to have with heavy or light food. This naturally sugar-free drink helps to keep control over daily sugar intake.

Fruit Infusions

Fruit and herb infusion helps reduce sugar intake by cutting short the extra fruits one might have. Infusions are time-consuming drinks to make, but they get stronger with time. Cucumber, lemon, watermelon, mint, strawberry, apple, cinnamon, etc., can make fruit and herb infusions.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a beautiful alternative for those who are looking for natural sugar-free drinks. It is a refreshing drink with a slight sweetness. The sugar content of coconut is about 8-10 grams.

Maple water

Drinking maple water is another effective way to reduce liquid sugar intake. Since it is made from unprocessed tree sap, maple water contains 98 per cent water and significantly less sugar. It is a very realistic option to cut the amount of sugar from liquid food.


The maximum amount of added sugar consumed daily should not be above ten per cent of the daily calories. Sugary drinks cannot be enough for one’s stomach. But they add more calories to the diet. These kinds of high-calorie drinks are generally suggested to be avoided to ward off various health issues. But eliminating sugar is not possible. Alternatives like sugar-free or sugarless drinks will help to get rid of sugar use gradually. Natural sugar-free drinks are most desirable to have as alternative supplements as they contain no preservatives. Sweetened beverages can be avoided entirely, especially by diabetic people and planning to start a new diet. It can also be replaced with sugar-free drinks. The only thing one has to do is identify the best alternatives that will work for them and continue the diet.


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