What is a Security Guard?


Many people may be surprised to know what is a security guard. A security guard, in most cases, is much more than just an eye and ears watching and recording activities taking place around their property. Security guards also must have customer service skills because often to the degree that their work takes them outside of their usual patrol and monitoring duties, security guarding isn’t just standing there and being vigilant but is also… well… guarding. This is sometimes very difficult for some people to comprehend. Fortunately, security guards do have several jobs and responsibilities they must perform and so you will find explanations of what a typical day at a security firm entails below.

What is a Security Guard

Most people have seen a security guard ship on television or seen a picture of one in the movies. While the stereotypical guard might be hard to spot, most security guards today are heavily armed and equipped with a wide range of tools. This is the first question one might ask about what is a security guard? The answer is more involved than you might expect.

What is a security guard doing every day? He (or she) is protecting property by making sure no one enters or damages it. They are also responsible for investigating complaints, apprehending criminals and reporting anything that might lead to dangers. Security guards are needed all over the country to protect business and residence from what is commonly referred to as “the intruder”. Because security guards are needed all over the country, they are required to be licensed in each state in which they may be deployed.

So, what is a security guard doing at night when no one else is around? He (or she) keeps an eye out for possible intruders who might approach a business or residence. Since there are probably hundreds of thousands of security guards, some are assigned to work alone at night. This is why some of them have night vision equipment such as cameras and surveillance equipment.

Another responsibility of security guards is to patrol. When a law enforcement officer is out on duty, they are considered to be on patrol. Most patrol units are made up of officers from many different law enforcement agencies and state agencies such as the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or the Drug Enforcement Administration. When security guards are on patrol, they are performing an extra duty that is required by law enforcement agencies: surveillance.

Surveillance is not limited to guarding homes and businesses. In fact, a security guard’s job description often includes surveillance on traffic patterns, suspicious activity, public transportation and even inside the workplace. If a security guard observes suspicious activity outside of his place of employment, he must report it to his supervisor and give them an honest account of what occurred. This is part of their personal protection training.

Lastly, in addition to their daily patrol duties, security guards are also required to be on standby in situations where law enforcement is called to assist at the scene of an emergency or when disaster strikes. For example, if a fire breaks out in a high-rise building, a security guard may have to step in and help police officers arrive to contain the fire. In order to qualify as a stand-by security officer, a security guard must be able to react quickly and identify the appropriate people to contact regarding details about the incident. Some states require their security guards to have a high school diploma or a GED; others do not.

It can be quite often that what is a security guard is actually nothing more than what we typically refer to as a “security guard.” However, the role that he plays is far more important than what we usually see on TV. As much as we like to believe that our celebrities are beyond reproach, the truth is that they do need to be cautious about what happens to them. A responsible institution as a security firm or an apartment complex needs to protect its property and employees from any unwanted incidence. Security guards are the very best professionals at doing this!


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