4 Creative Ways to Engage Students


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School teachers have one of the most rewarding jobs out there. You are responsible for inspiring, educating and motivating the youth of today, and the way you teach your students can make a true difference to their future. However, no two students are the same, and what works for one may not work for another. As a teacher, it is your job to come up with innovative ways to encourage your students to learn. Here are a few creative strategies to motivate and engage your students.

4 Creative Ways to Engage Students

Enhance Your Teaching With an ACSI Approved Course

Dedicated teachers who strive to provide the best education for their students should be willing to educate themselves further in their field. There are plenty of ACSI approved programs teachers can take to enhance their knowledge in a variety of areas. For example, teachers who struggle to engage children through online learning can take a ‘Teaching and Learning Online’ program, while those who want to branch out in a specific subject have many different options to choose from. By gaining additional ACSI approved graduate level credit, teachers can develop their professional career and become better educators.

Interactive Learning in the Classroom

Interactive learning is a practical teaching process that helps relay information to students in the classroom. Unlike passive learning, which primarily involves teachers talking and students listening, interactive learning involves student participation. Students who struggle to pick up information in a typical classroom setting can benefit from interactive learning. Introduce classroom activities that include movement, implement audio and visual aids, break up lessons with physical activities, and encourage student to student, as well as teacher to student, interactions. Incorporating activities into the classroom, such as roleplaying, presentations and classroom discussions, can help stimulate the brain in a novel way and improve critical thinking skills. Instead of simply making notes, memorizing and regurgitating information, students are better able to take in and retain new knowledge.

Use Technology

There are many different ways you can use technology in the classroom to engage students. With the advancement in technological teaching aids, integrating technology has never been easier for teachers. Smart boards are a fantastic tool for the classroom, and they make an efficient upgrade from a regular whiteboard. They help improve teaching methods, while elevating the way your student learns too. Smart boards can be used to project attractive visuals, they can be used for interactive learning, and the touchscreen aspect of a smart board makes them ideal for tactile learners. Social media is another great way to engage with older students. By creating a social profile page for your classroom, you can provide students with a digital way to access assignments, notes and other relevant material. They can even be used to give deadline prompts.

Field Trip Experience

School field trips are a tried and tested method that produces positive results for different types of students. Taking kids outside of the typical teaching environment helps them pick up and retain new information outside of the classroom. Field trips give students real world experiences and are a great way to reinforce ideas and topics covered in the classroom.


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