What is ITIL V4 Certification?


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Businesses are increasingly adopting digital transformation, deploying technologies and techniques that disrupt traditional business models. But digital transformation alone cannot help organizations deploy, integrate, and manage their tools and systems.

What is ITIL V4 Certification

Companies also require management best practices that analyze the service management capabilities of ITSM (IT Service Management). They want a practical roadmap that fulfills their strategic vision of operational excellence. With Service Management a critical element of the broader digital transformation strategy, companies adopt the ITSM framework for best technology solutions, implementation strategies, and generally managing IT services.

As an IT or Management Professional, you may like to consider pursuing the ITIL V4 Certification to enhance your career roadmap. The current fourth iteration of the ITIL framework focuses on the co-creation of business value and helps you map your business vision along with the technological transformation.

With ITIL practices benefitting every organization, companies are looking for ITIL V4 qualified professionals who can add value to their business models with strategic inputs.

What are ITIL Certifications

ITIL certifications refer to the framework and practices enshrined within a framework that focuses on service management activities, components, and resources for business value.

The certifications rank among the top IT certifications in the industry, with the potential for a career leap. An ITIL certification enhances your resume and helps you ace high-value IT interviews, obtain promotions, and in general,s advance your career to the next level of management in an IT ecosystem.

As a framework for IT service management, ITIL certifications empower candidates with the ability to manage risk, improve productivity, and build an agile IT environment where service development and deployment are cost-effective and streamlined.

ITIL certification helps the professional maximize the value he brings to his organization. To that effect, IT professionals with plans of scaling managerial positions may consider pursuing ITIL certifications, beginning with the foundational and moving on to the Masters.

Most importantly, these ITIL certifications span the entire organization and help a candidate achieve the ultimate in professional success in management positions within IT organizations or departments.

ITIL benefits any organization of all sizes, at all levels, whether corporate, educational, or governmental. Ultimately the goal is to provide IT service management (ITSM) products or services. The ITIL framework is a globally recognized standard across industry types, adopted by global names such as IBM and HBSC.

The ITIL framework enshrines the practices for managing and delivering end-to-end IT services. A candidate who takes the certifications can improve services consistently and demonstrate compliance.

The ITIL framework is administered by Axelos, which develops and maintains the ITIL framework and its various versions through accredited training and examination partner institutes. Certification exams are conducted at the end of the training course or by a partner examination institute known as an ITIL Accredited Training Organization (ATO).

The Benefits of ITIL4 Certifications

Organizations deploy ITSM in their business models to reap advantages such as:

  • Aligning IT to business
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Provide quality services
  • Improving the quality of the IT services delivered
  • Cut down resource use as in time, money, and infrastructure utilized on the entire service development lifecycle
  • Boosting the morale of teams
  • Introduce Agile practices end-to-end
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimizes or averts service disruptions and outage
  • Maintain a stable yet flexible development environment

On the other hand, the benefits of earning your accreditation in ITIL 4 are invaluable to you as an IT professional.

You can:

  • Gain foundations in product knowledge
  • Accelerate your professional development
  • Increase your earning scope
  • Improve productivity at work
  • Validate your credibility
  • Gain managerial positions within a shirt curve
  • Become a leading, solutions-oriented professional

An Overview of ITIL4 and why you should take it

The current version of ITIL is known as ITIL 4. In the former version, ITIL3, the service lifecycle was the core framework. But in ITIL4, the service value system is central to the framework. It is the most updated version of the ITIL released in 2019 and is known to be agile, customizable, and flexible, making it a sought-after certification.

The ITIL 4 certification introduces the ITIL framework and walks through the end-to-end operating model of ITSM. The goal is to facilitate candidates to create, deliver and continually improve tech-enabled products and services. The certification introduces four dimensions of service management to the candidates, the ITIL service value system (SVS) and seven key ITIL practices.

ITIL V4 provides practical and technical knowledge of how to run IT-enabled services, teams, and workflows.

It includes four courses within its purview:

ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver & Support (CDS)

The module relates to the ‘core’ service management activities of innovative tech-enabled services to customers in an increasingly competitive market.

ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)

It looks at the interactions between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers, stakeholders and partners, with the ultimate goal of converting demand into value via IT-enabled services.

ITIL 4 Specialist High Velocity IT (HVIT)

It deals with the ways in which digital organizations and operating models function in dynamic environments and the ITES working practices such as Agile and Lean. The module helps IT managers work productively in high-velocity environments.

ITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI)

This section teaches the practical skills for the co-creation of business value, including a primer on the Agile and Lean ways of working for organizational advantage.


ITIL certifications are sought after in the job market by hirers who want to implement professionalism in their IT lifecycle. As an ambitious IT professional who wants a managerial job profile within the IT ecosystem, taking ITIL 4 is a good place to start your career growth in IT.

As organizations increasingly adopt ITIL for business, be ready to join them with the latest ITIL V4 certification and validate your technical competencies.


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