Why Invest in an Air Purifier


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Aside from the obvious reason that the best air purifiers can clean the air in your home, you need this nifty device for several reasons. Some have ionizing functions that can produce ozone to improve your indoor air quality. Though you don’t see them with your naked eyes, apart from dust mites, there are also many other pollutants and fine particles that linger in your home. Your home’s air may not be as pure and clean as you believe.

Why Invest in an Air Purifier

Do remember that every time you spray a cleaning agent, use hair spray, or cook food that emits smoke, there are residual chemicals that float in the air which you may potentially inhale. Anecdotal pieces of evidence indicate that owners of air purifiers feel better when they use this gadget in their homes. Here are a few excellent considerations why you need to invest in an air purifier:

Provides a Huge Help for Those Suffering Respiratory Issues

Those who suffer from allergic rhinitis and asthma, along with other breathing issues like COPD notice a reduction in their symptoms when an air purifier is running in their homes. If you fall into this list, you will experience less wheezing and coughing if you invest in an air purifier with a high HEPA-filter rating. This acronym stands for high-efficiency particulate air which is engineered to filter 99.7% of particles that are at least roughly 0.3 micrometers in size. Portable air purifiers can really help you because they catch common environmental irritants like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.

Offers a Cleaner Environment for Those with Pets

If you are a pet owner, you know that you can never really keep your pet squeaky clean all the time. No matter how much you wish and dream it, you can’t have a hypoallergenic pet. Canine and feline companions will shed fur and dander. Even those that supposedly don’t shed like Siamese cats will still slough off the skin into the air. Your beloved pets are also notorious for collecting pollen and dust mites deep into their coats. With the help of the best air purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters, you will catch particles and gunk that your pets leave behind. Carbon filters are especially great for trapping atrocious odour compounds that your pets inevitably emit.

Filters Out Smoke and Tobacco

A lot of studies indicate that cigarette and tobacco smoke, including inhaling second-hand smoke, has an adverse impact on your health and the health of the people you’re living with. Merely opening your window will not suffice to deter future health problems. It would help if you had ventilation, sanitation, and filtration. If you happen to live with a smoker or if you are a smoker, you need an air purifier with a HEPA filter that has a very high rating. Smoke is even smaller than dust and pollen, so you need to invest in a quality device that can do a good job catching these minute tobacco particles.

Helps for Those With Children or Roomies

You may be the tidiest person on the planet, but sadly, you cannot control how your own children, roommates, or even guests behave. These guys will certainly not be as diligent as you when it comes to decluttering and cleaning. If they do bring in the dirt, pollen, dust, and pet hair from outside, your trusty air purifier will help you clear out the nasty pollutants they cart into your home.

Protects Against Busy Streets or Those Near Construction Sites

If you live near a bustling street or a construction site, cars will emit smog, and the construction crew will always kick up dust particles. Keeping your windows closed will not be enough to keep the debris away. The closure also means you won’t be able to ventilate and circulate fresh air in your home. As such, running an air purifier will allow you to breathe better. Consider getting one if you also have a home renovation project because air purifiers will help against possible paint fumes, mould, wood particles, and the like.

Final Word

If you are looking to get an air purifier for your home, do read reviews about different brands to manage your expectations. This will also help you make the best decision. For maximum effectiveness, buy the right size purifier for the space you are using it for. You will also need to clean this regularly to maintain its integrity. Definitely, owning an air purifier to boost your indoor air quality is one of the best choices you can ever make for your optimal health.


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