4 Escape Room Tips For Beginners


If you’re planning on going to an escape room for the first time, and you’re a little confused, anxious, or not sure what to expect, you’re not alone. Escape rooms are extremely fun but the thought of your first experience may be a little daunting. Aside from having a great time with your friends or family, escape rooms are great for testing your puzzle and problem-solving skills. Here are four tips for beginners going to their first escape rooms in Los Angeles.

4 Escape Room Tips For Beginners

1. Plan with a group of people you know

Escape rooms with friends are always better than being paired with random people. You will be able to work off of your friends’ strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, you will enjoy the experience with people you know.

2. Even if it’s hard — laugh

Having fun and having a good sense of humor when trying to complete an escape room is essential. Try not to get upset if you are stumped or can’t find a new clue and just enjoy the experience. And if you find yourself getting frustrated, remember that this is a learning experience for future escape rooms. The escape room Houston puts a great emphasis on the fun and whimsical so make sure to visit them if you’re looking for something special.

3. Communicate with your teammates and listen

Escape room challenges are best achieved when all members of the teamwork together and communicate. If you find a clue, tell everyone so you have multiple sets of eyes on it. It may be stumping you, but your team may know the answer. Also, remember to listen carefully to the clues you find; there could be a subtle line that solves an important piece of the puzzle. When you begin, make sure everyone describes what they are seeing and tells the group what they think each aspect of the room is for.

4. Split up the work

A great way to work together as a team is to delegate the work to specific teammates. Escape rooms are designed for big groups so it’s had to cover a lot of ground. Therefore, break up the work and make sure everyone is searching different areas. And don’t forget to report back to each other on what you find. A lot of escape rooms are designed so that clues go together so if you and your teammate find clues, see if they can be used together.


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