The Biggest DOH! Moments, If Only They Happened Once


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If you remember the old saying “Once bitten, twice shy” then you’ll appreciate this article, there are some things in life that really and truly should only happen once and never happen again. For the vast majority of people though, that isn’t so, for some reason there are those ‘Doh!’ Moments that happen again, and again, usually ending up in some form of cursing and wondering how on earth you could have made the same mistake again. Unfortunately, the following are things that most people just can’t help but try for just one more time, or more;

Burning yourself

One would think that once a human being has burnt themselves that the pain alone would be enough to prevent them from doing the same thing again, shamefully that just isn’t the case. The trouble is, especially with things like cooking. If you like cooking, then you’ll likely be more susceptible to burning yourself more times than you could ever wish for. On the other hand, if you’re not a keen cook then you’ll probably have more accidents when you attempt to master something, you can’t win!

Locking yourself out

This is one of the easiest things to do without realising it for, potentially, some time. How many times have you had to make a sheepish call to a residential locksmith in Illawarra, usually in desperate need of gaining access to your property? For some people, they don’t even realize that they’ve locked themselves out until they return from something like a holiday, some weeks later! Typically, when all you want to do is to get indoors, put your feet up and have a kiss.

Biting the inside of your mouth

This must be the ultimate kick in the teeth, well not quite, but you get the idea. How on earth were humans even allowed to have the ability to bite the inside of their own mouths? It beggars’ belief! If you’ve never had to endure the pain of biting the inside of your own mouth, then you are very lucky indeed.

If you have bitten the inside of your mouth, then the chances are, you’ve done it more than once and felt like you’ve malfunctioned somehow, something like a CPU that’s been overclocked without adequate cooling! The trouble is the human jaw is actually really strong, the skin, not so much so, it doesn’t take a huge amount of mindfulness to draw blood, or even bite straight through, it’s excruciatingly painful!

Stubbing your toes

God forbid. If you’ve ever stubbed your toes, it’s one of those instant ‘whelp for mummy’ moments, no matter what age you are. There will almost certainly be a few moments of pause, muttering under one’s breath and probably a facepalm whilst you come to terms with what you’ve just done to yourself. The trouble is, if there is a god who designed us this way, who would have thought, in a million years, that even the smartest of people could be given the ability to be so daft? Self-harm is almost unavoidable unless you dress yourself in a full body suit made of cotton wool!


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