Why People Love Bath Bombs?


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It’s 2021, and bath bombs have been a thing for over a decade now. These small, round, fizzy little relaxation tools are available for sale at multiple places online and every beauty store out there. They’ve pretty much replaced traditional bubble baths for quite a few reasons.

Why People Love Bath Bombs

If you’ve ever tried a bath bomb for yourself, you know firsthand why everyone is raving about them. If not, maybe you just haven’t found the right bath bomb yet.

If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, let’s look into why so many people absolutely love bath bombs.

They Smell Great

First and foremost, people love bath bombs because we all love good smells. Bath bombs come in a variety of different scents, from simple lavender to complex combos of essential oils intended for specific problems, so there’s one for every taste.

Some of our favorites include ones with eucalyptus, for deep relaxation, or other floral scents like jasmine. Orange and peppermint are perfect if you’re looking for a more rejuvenating or energizing experience.

They Make Any Day a Special Occasion

You can make any regular weekday a special occasion just by adding a bath bomb to your routine. Since all it takes is tossing it into your bath, all it takes is a few minutes to get a perfect, chill “spa day” (unless you want to spend all day in the tub which, we don’t blame you.)

Each bath bomb comes with a different skin-fortifying blend, some with the intention to hydrate the skin, some to provide a detoxifying experience, and some to invigorate and awaken the skin.

They’re Enchanting to Watch

There’s a reason that you can find so many soothing videos of people putting their bath bombs into their baths, and that’s because they are straight-up fun to watch.

They have a unique, explosive effect when they come in contact with water (hence the “bomb” title) that makes them captivating to watch. Some of them come with a fizzy factor, making them bubble up in a fun way. Some even make your tub look like it’s filled with glitter or even blood for a fun new take on the bath bomb.

Who doesn’t love a good show before you take a nice, long bath?

They’re the Perfect Thing for Relaxing

Between the scent, the trance-inducing interaction with your bathwater, and the soothing effect they have on your skin, bath bombs are largely regarded as the ultimate extra to add to a self-care routine.

They take an already soothing experience of soaking in a warm bath and add that extra touch, taking your spa day to a whole new level. Pair your bath with your favorite face mask and some nice, chill music for the ultimate self-care day routine.

They Come with Surprises Inside

As if bath bombs weren’t amazing enough on their own, some even come with a little surprise inside. These are found inside the bath bomb and come out once the bath bomb dissipates, so make sure you remember to look out for it in the bathtub.

Many come with little trinkets like rubber miniature toys or confetti. Some even have nice pieces of jewelry, usually nice rings ranging in value from inexpensive pieces to higher-end rings.

A Great, Inexpensive Way to Treat Yourself

Since bath bombs typically cost under $20 each, you can have a nice, relaxing day for a very small upfront cost. At this price, you may even want to buy a few of them, to experiment with the different scents and sensations that they have to offer.


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