Advantages of Hiring a Chinese Sourcing Agent


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One of the indispensable steps for any business that sources products from China is hiring a sourcing agent. Their role is to assist a business or a company in the procurement of products and supplies from reliable sources and help them in the dealing and transaction process with the Chinese suppliers.

Chinese sourcing agents may be individuals who work independently from an employer or be part of a sourcing business that provides their services to several companies.

However, many businesses hesitate from hiring sourcing agents due to horror stories – unprofessional behavior, poor work ethic, and high referral and commission fees. But when you find the right sourcing agent, the benefits of hiring one will ultimately outweigh the risks.

9 Advantages of Hiring a Chinese Sourcing Agent for your Business

Establish Good Communication with Suppliers

Hiring a sourcing agent who can speak both in English and in Mandarin easily breaks the language barrier and ensures that there will be no miscommunication in the entire process. It is crucial to understand that Chinese businesses’ operation differs vastly from Western enterprises due to the differences in customs and culture.

Thus, having a sourcing agent who has extensive experience and knowledge about the Chinese market will know the business’s ins and outs and provide you with genuine and relevant information when you need it.

Save Time and Energy

Having a sourcing agent to look for a supplier and handle the negotiation at the initial phase, the inspection and quality control during the production phase, and the processing of the shipment and compliance to import rules and regulations at the latter phase of the importing process will save you the time and energy that you can use to focus on other aspects of the business

Hassle-free Documentation and Other Processes

You can trust your sourcing agent to handle the documentation on essential functions such as sourcing, shipping, transportation, and packaging, among others. He or she will provide a detailed packing list and secure relevant documents for you, including a Bill of Lading and a Certificate of Origin.

Access to an Extensive Network

Sourcing agents, especially sourcing agencies, have a massive network of connections and suppliers. Having had worked with several suppliers of a variety of products and goods, they will be able to find you a supplier that best fits your needs.

Reduced Risks of Getting Scammed

When you look for manufacturers yourself, you need to be the one verifying their documents and licenses, which will, of course, be in Mandarin. Aside from spending on a translator, this process is tedious and time-consuming.

Whereas having a trustworthy sourcing agent will be knowledgeable on all the requirements that manufacturers should have and will know what they need to inspect. This will lessen the risk of your business getting scammed.

Sourcing agents not only have the resources to ensure a smooth flow of the entire importation process. They also have years of experience concerning documentation, production, and rules and regulations relevant to importing goods outside the country.

Assurance that Your Products are of Good Quality

Your sourcing agent will be the one responsible for visiting the supplier’s plants to conduct an inspection and to make sure that there are no issues in production and

Cut-off Expenses

Not only will you save on tickets to go to China to process everything physically, but sourcing agents will also make sure that you get the supplies that you need at the lowest price possible without sacrificing the quality.

Get Reasonable Deals

While you can search for products from an e-Commerce site by yourself, sourcing agents can help you find quality products with appropriate pricing and are not limited to suppliers from e-Commerce sites.

Sourcing agents have access to the market and have reliable channels that you can utilize to purchase goods that meet your standard.

It is crucial to find sourcing agents you can trust since unreliable ones may quote you with unrealistic ranges or raise the price too high. A good agent will help you get a good product and negotiate for a reasonable price that will not

Easy Follow-up

You can skip the tedious process of following up on suppliers so you can focus on other more important matters.


Hiring a sourcing agent will benefit your business and ensure that your products are priced accordingly without sacrificing the quality, and guarantee that all the processes entailed in securing a good product are handled and managed well.


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